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Douglas Garcia shovels wet and sticky snow Tuesday morning from the deck at the Anvil Motel on North Cache. "It came early this year," Garcia said. "I like snow."

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Wednesday, Oct 29

Bison in Grand Teton National Park

Bison graze in the sagebrush and tall grass of the Antelope Flats in Grand Teton National Park on Wednesday. The creatures are moving in the area as winter approaches.


St. John's chief challenges candidate’s claims in email

St. John’s Chief Executive Officer Lou Hochheiser recently sent an email to staff and trustees refuting criticisms leveled at the hospital by a candidate running for the hospital board.


Yellowstone, Teton parks to begin winter road, service closures

Large parts of the Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks’ road systems and visitor services will close for the season beginning Friday.



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