Last pancake flipped at Jeds in-town home

Sourdough purveyor continues at Jackson Hole Airport.
By Thomas Dewell, Jackson Hole, Wyo.
December 01, 2009

 The sourdough has left the square.

On Oct. 31, Jedediah’s Original House of Sourdough cooks flipped their last pancakes at the business’ location at 135 E. Broadway – a half block east of the Town Square. Mike Gierau, owner of the business that opened in 1980 at the location, said he and his landlords had decided mutually that the restaurant should leave the property.

Gierau, who operates Jedediah’s at the Airport, said moving out of the downtown location was best for his business.

“We had a lease; we left the lease early,” Gierau said. “It was in Jedediah’s corporation’s best interest to do it.”

Although the restaurant was incorporated in November 1979, it did not start serving customers until 1980. Abi Garaman owned the property until a few years ago.

Currently, the property is owned by Deloney Street LLC. That company was part of a controversial removal of a historic barn on neighboring land in early September.

The Wyoming Secretary of State’s Web page lists Jafar Neishabouri, Max C. Chapman Jr. and Mercer Reynolds III as “member/managers” of the corporation. Chapman did not return a call to a phone number listed in his name, and Neishabouri would not comment after being reached at his business in town Tuesday.

Although Gierau said the decision to have the restaurant leave the property before the conclusion of the lease was mutual, he said his experiences in recent years made him appreciate his former landlord, Garaman.

“Abi was my landlord for 27 years,” Gierau said. “I didn’t realize until after he sold it how good I had it.”

Jedediah’s at the Airport will continue day-to-day operations and Gierau will still offer catering. Some of the historic photos and art that hung at the restaurant in town likely will reappear at the airport, Gierau said.

The corporation may open another business in Jackson someday.

“Who knows, we may pop up somewhere,” Gierau said.

Employees who worked at Jedediah’s in-town location were offered slots at the airport, but not all took them, Gierau said.

Gierau started the business with partners Byron and Kathleen Schiers (Kathleen now goes by the last name Godines). He recalled sleeping in the back of the historic building in the early days and working with a host of memorable workers through the years.

“I spent over half my life in that building,” Gierau said. “We had a lot of fun, a lot of great employees.”



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