Building permits fall as winter approaches

By Benjamin Graham, Jackson Hole Daily
November 01, 2012

Building permits issued by the town of Jackson slowed to a trickle in October compared with October 2011.

The town issued eight permits in October worth a total of $647,000. In October 2011, 18 permits were awarded totaling $2.8 million.

The slower-than-normal month followed a strong September, when 21 permits were issued.

“We’re really at a typical time of year that things slow down,” said Kelly Bowlin, the town development coordinator.

Last month caused this year’s numbers to lag behind last year.

The town has issued 104 permits so far in 2012, amounting to $20.5 million. Through the same time last year, 106 were issued for a total of $23.8 million.

The biggest project last month was a $346,000 commercial building at 255 N. Jean St.

As winter approaches, the town tends to receive fewer applications for permits for new projects, Bowlin said. That is partly the result of a rule prohibiting utility work after Oct. 14, the last day builders can work in the public right-of-way.

“That gives folks enough time to get everything back in place before the weather turning bad,” Bowlin said. “We don’t want a hole left in the road for the winter. It just gets worse and causes problems.”

New construction typically doesn’t take place in the winter, she said. Most permits involve interior work.

“Maybe with the weather staying nice, you might get another rush, but you never know,” she said.




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