Bar BC grows by 5 lots, 191 acres

By Richard Anderson, Jackson Hole, Wyo.
February 13, 2013

Hillwood Communities has expanded its 1,500-acre Bar BC Ranch by five lots and 191 acres, the company owned by Ross Perot Jr. announced last week.

Tom Evans, listing broker for Sotheby’s International Jackson Hole, said Hillwood has been talking “on and off” with the Lucas family, longtime Spring Gulch ranchers and the former owners of the acreage, for about a year.

Cognizant of the history of the property, Evans said, Hillwood has made  arrangements to allow the Lucases to continue to graze cattle there in the summer. He also said there were some old structures on the land, part of the original Lucas homestead, that will be assessed for their value.

“We don’t want to move them off the land they’ve been ranching forever,” he said.

While there are no conservation easements on the acreage, Evans said the lots lend themselves to a “conservation-easement-minded buyer,” especially if one individual wanted to buy multiple lots.

The land also is habitat for elk and moose. Foxes, wolves, grizzly and black bears, great gray owls and many other wildlife species have been seen there.

“We’re cooperating with Game and Fish to help them manage the elk and moose populations,” Evans said, and to manage and enhance fisheries in the creeks and Gros Ventre River.

For example, Evans said, in some areas the forest canopy could be opened up to allow more sunlight in and to develop grasslands and willows to help moose and elk.

“We see it as having great potential for equestrian uses,” said Gary Schmidt of Hillwood’s development management team.

Schmidt said it should take very little to prepare the lots for market. The company will perform an environmental assessment and draft building envelopes, but aside from driveways, no additional roads will be necessary, he said, and there will be no common water system.

“We’ll be content with what we’ve sold these properties for in the past,” said Evans, who put past Bar BC lot sales in the $7.5 million to $9.5 million range.

Dallas-based Hillwood Communities purchased Bar BC’s original 1,500 acres from the Hansen family — which included former U.S. Sen. and Wyoming Gov. Cliff Hansen and Gov. Matt Mead — in two phases in 2002 and 2004.

Perot placed conservation easements on a 500-acres. The balance was divided into 17 lots along the Gros Ventre and Snake rivers and on the north end of West Gros Ventre Butte. All but three of those have been sold, Evans said.

“Ross is a huge steward of the land and conservation protection,” he said. “He’s on the site yearly, if not more often. He’s always interested in Jackson and is great about giving back to Jackson. They are great people to work with.”



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