Town might extend OK for long-delayed hotel

By Ben Graham, Jackson Hole Daily
April 08, 2013

Jackson Town Council members are scheduled to decide tonight whether to extend a 10-year-old master plan that governs 18 lots neighboring the Center for the Arts.

By keeping the planned mixed-use development alive, the council would be allowing a developer to build a new hotel on six of the lots along West Simpson Avenue between South Glenwood and South Milward.

Property owner Jay Varley has that portion of the land under contract with ScanlanKemperBard Companies, of Portland, Ore. He is seeking an extension only for the hotel property and two additional lots.

At a council meeting last month, officials said they wanted to add more restrictions to the master plan, which will expire without a council decision.

In a letter sent to Town Planner Tyler Sinclair, the potential hotel developers said they were willing to accept some of those restrictions.

They will reduce the size of the hotel from 103,600 to 95,000 square feet and incorporate a setback for landscaping, Mike Flury wrote in the letter on behalf of himself and ScanlanKemperBard.

Under the rules of the planned mixed-use development tool, council members are supposed to consider whether the developer made a good faith effort to build and whether conditions in the community have significantly changed.

Officials haven’t been sure of either.

Town Council members have twice delayed making a decision on the extension, but could make one tonight.



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