County building activity continues to improve

By Ben Graham, Jackson Hole Daily
May 10, 2013

Last month, staffers in Teton County’s building department approved permits for a new three-bedroom, one-bathroom home in the Gros Ventre North subdivision worth an estimated $6 million.

They processed another permit for a new four-bedroom home worth an estimated $3 million in the same subdivision.

There’s also a new $1.1 million single-family home being built in Alta, and a $1.8 million four-bedroom home going up in Cottonwood.

Those are the latest projects leading the surge in residential building in the county. Building permits continue to show an upward trend for new construction.

County building department staffers are issuing more permits for new construction projects. In addition, the projects that are moving forward have greater values.

The department has issued 84 permits so far this year for new construction. By this same time last year, it had issued only 60.

It is seeing across-the-board increases in the project categories tracked. Department staffers have issued 36 permits for new single-family homes; by this time last year, they had issued 28. They’ve approved 20 permits for additions and remodeling projects; last year, they had 12.  And there have been 13 permits granted for accessory buildings; last year, there only were six by this time.

The only category that is down slightly this year is commercial construction. The country has approved just two permits for commercial projects, down from five by the same point in 2012.

Coupled with the increase in building permit activity, there’s a strong upswing in the estimated value of projects.

So far this year, permits have represented $72.6 million of residential work and $3.6 million in commercial construction. Permits issued during the same months last year represented an estimated $35.4 million of residential construction and $633,000 of commercial work.



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